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Two Special emergency escape tool for car window
Can break car window in 1 second Compact lightweight powerful
Made from Strong High Grade Plastic Quite Handy to use
Easily accessible, no installation required
Order from VANITYAUS it's original ,but ordered from others could be fake one and without security.
Item number:659103035107 

Emergency Hammer (2 Pack) Car Window Breaker,Emergency Escape Tool ,Life Saving Auto, Survival Window Glass Breaker Keychain ,Seatbelt Cutter Car Escape Knife Emergency Rescue Disaster Escape Tool 

Every car should have a car emergency escape tool that is light, visible, easily accessible,and able easily shatter the windows and slice through the seat belt straps. If you're in a bad enough accident where the door will not open or your seat belt is not releasing, depending on the other variables involved, such as fire, water (if you landed into a body of water such as a lake or canal), being able to escape quickly, when seconds count, may be the difference between life and death. 

Furthermore, imagine the situation where your loved ones need your help but you cannot help them because you are stuck due to your inability to remove your seat belt or open your door. 

The process is simple... all you need to do is install one of glass window breaker in your car anywhere that is within close reach or drop in the center console or glove box - and that simple act alone will improve the chances of survival for you and those in your vehicle. 

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