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  • Healthy and puzzle:wind-up jumping toys, the effective training of children to exercise the limbs of the ability to promote the development of children's interest.
  • Fun interactive toys:parents can interact with their children, clockwise gently reverse the winding on the toy, it will quickly jump around or forward, showing pecking meters or catch insects action.
  • Description: Type:Clockwork Spring Toy .Strong activity:each chick or the head of each duck can be manually twisted 360 degrees, when the rotation of the crisp da da sound.
  • Safe plastic and gentle rotating arms, Clean and dirty is not easy to dirty:cartoon plastic surface, not fluffy material. Do not worry about falling or falling easily.
  • Package includes:2 x Clockwork Duck (Send by Random Color),Size:10*10cm/3.9*3.9inch

    Clockwork Duck (2 Pack) Wind-up Jumping Duck Assortment Jumping Animals Chain Toy for Infant,Clockwork Toys, Children's Puzzle Toys, Emotional Interactive Toys,Strong Activity, The Best Gift for The Child. 

    A simple winding toy, let the children exercise limbs, cultivate children's interests, enhance parent-child interaction, stimulate children's visual and ability to grasp, is the child's favorite gift,give the child a different happiness. 

    Item number:6932782810574
    Product object:More than three months of the child. 
    Package includes:2 x Clockwork Duck (Send by Random Color)

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