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  • Lift! Raise! Lower! The CLEAN Way! (ESPECIALLY Family with Boys)
  • Easy to carry, must for Sanitary Conditions are Required : Home, Work, Hotel, Retail Stores, Office, Restaurant, and much more!
  • CREATIVE & FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Fits any toilet seat or lid (Flat and Curve undersides)
  • EASY, HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: Place the toilet lifter on the bottom of the toilet seat, and lift by the handle.
  • ECONOMICALLY INEXPENSIVE: Affordable alternative option.

    Quality sponge double-sided adhesive,Viscous strong, not easy to fall,Convenient health keep your hands clean, Easy to installation.Diy your home ,making your home fill up with creative novel. 
    Creative portable toilet lid device toilet with a long time will breed a lot of bacteria, this lid will quick to give you a handle. Keep your hands clean and germ-free with the cartoon toilet seat lifters. 
    Great for any home, office, or place of business, can be used to lift toilet seat or lift the toilet seat cover. 
    The toilet seat lifters stick securely to the toilet for convenient and easy use simply by peeling the back adhesive side and sticking to desired toilet seat.

    Item ID: 564C2D2461158D6A 
    Material:Imported environmental high quality plastic material 
    Size: 4.5" x 1" 
    Package Include: 2*Toilet Lifter

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