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  • best sensitive --- When the fish hits or runs, the alert is accurate.

    Stable and easy to use --- Soft strap buckle and card slot design is 100% without falling into water.

    Does not damage the fishing line --- very sensitive when the fish swallows the bait.

    Energy-saving --- can be turned off when not needed, save energy, use for a long time, 3*LR44 button battery (not included).

    Double alarm --- Daytime/Night applicable, alarm sound and LED flash, 100m visible.


    product information:

    Item number:6919608975167 

    Size: 4.3in*3.1in*1.5in(11*8*3.5CM)

    Product material: ABS + electronic components


    Fishing alarm ---- the most sensitive electronic product!

    As an electronic device, this fishing alarm with LED indicator lets you know that there is fish on the hook. Whether day or night, you are free to stare at the fishing rod. The only thing you need to do is wrap this fishing siren with a fishing line.

    Fishing alarm - set it and forget it!

    Stare into your eyes and stare into your eyes. When the fish bite, the alarm goes out. So, if you are doing something or meditating but are awkward, the alert will inform you.

    Spread some sticks along the coastline. It is difficult to see two unfolded sticks, but this fishing method allows you to expand multiple sticks and tell you when to fish

    Fishing alarm ---- very loud siren.

    When they make a sound, pay attention immediately

    Clear the high visibility LED. At night, in a completely dark environment, it may be more valuable because it not only makes sounds, it also makes sounds when the fish collides or runs.

    Fishing alarm ---- easy to use

    energy-saving, press the back of the boot / shutdown button.

    Fishing alarm ---- unique design

    Soft strap buckle and card slot design is 100% without falling into water.

    Packaging Information:

    3 * Fishing alarm

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